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Alert: New .CO Domain Names Released Today
Adam Lyttle
Published by Adam Lyttle on July 20, 2010


The much anticipated .CO domain names were released only hours ago, sparking a new domain name "Gold Rush".

The .CO names are set to be the next .COM and .NET. In less than 24 hours it's estimated that over 216,159 names have already been registered (8,800 from the asia pacific region) -- some premium names have already started selling for over USD $80,000. Some interesting registrations include,,,

The new domain names are designed to shorten existing website addresses to make them more accessible on social networking sites and SMS messages. In a world of 140 characters, a short URL is the key to success. Adapting to new technology to support your brand online can be a struggle- until now. In the .CO era, shortening and sharing your URLs with a .CO domain will drive traffic and maximize awareness.

This has sparked a "domain name rush", with businesses throughout the world grabbing domain names related to their organisation and industry. If you are interested in getting your hands on your very own .co domain name I highly recommend visiting the official website and browsing through the list of registrars:

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Test Drive Our New Website
Adam Lyttle
Published by Adam Lyttle on April 26, 2010


We are pleased to announce the release of the brand new Adamant Solutions website. The new site is a better representation of our current portfolio and product range. Built using SiteCreate the new website is a powerful marketing tool for Adamant Solutions.

The 2010 Portfolio

The new website was updated to reflect our ever growing portfolio. Our new online portfolio features a flash slideshow that transitions smoothly from one website to the other, full screen mode and multiple gallery support. Check it out here

The Adamant Solutions Product Range

Our entire product range is now online. Including SiteClick, SiteCreate and SiteCart. Many of our customers have been using these products over the last few months and the feedback has been fantastic! Click here for more details

Adamant Solutions on Facebook

Join the Adamant Solutions Facebook group by clicking here. Become a fan and get the latest tips & information on increasing the conversion rate & success of your website.

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RewewablesSA Website Case Study
Adam Lyttle
Published by Adam Lyttle on April 21, 2010


We are proud to announce the release of the RenewablesSA website. A new initiative from the South Australia Government to Develop and oversee the implementation of a framework for attracting renewable energy investment to South Australia.

The RenewablesSA website features:
  1. A full size background showcasing the environment & renewable energy
  2. Customisable menu images (these can be updated dynamically by the website administrator)
  3. Latest News Sidebar with RSS Support
Website Navigation

The RenewablesSA website also features an innovative navigation menu. This intuitive menu is visually appealing and amazingly powerful.

The navigation menus feature:
  1. Moving your mouse over a heading displays all of the sub-headings available
  2. Unselected headings remain the same
  3. Selected sub-headings are highlighted with a crisp highlight
  4. The heading pictures can be updated at any time by the website administrator using the Content Management System
Content Management

Using Adamant Solutions innovative Content Management System the website administrators of the RenewablesSA website can manage page content, upload photos & images, offer a search feature and a printer friendly version of the page.

The Content Management System features:
  1. A customisable title for each page
  2. Powerful search functionality that automatically indexes pages as they are created
  3. Printer friendly versions of each page
  4. Photo & file management
Related Links

Visit the RenewablesSA website
Visit the Adamant Solutions website
View the Adamant Solutions Portfolio

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Welcome to Web Design Melbourne
Adam Lyttle
Published by Adam Lyttle on January 11, 2010

Breaking News: Adamant Solutions launches web design agency in Melbourne Web Designer Melbourne.

We are proud to announce our new head office at one of the most prestigious buildings in Melbourne --

Melbourne Head Office
Level 27, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne

Adamant Solutions is a professional web design studio in Melbourne & Adelaide. Our team consists of passionate designers and online marketing people who excel at designing websites that sell.

Call now for a free consultation on 1800 426 893

Our clients include small to medium sized business and government organisations within Adelaide, Melbourne and throughout the world.

Our Clients Include:
  • George Gross & Harry Who
  • Wokinabox
  • Nick Xenophon - Senator for South Australia
  • The South Australian Government
  • The Papua New Guinea Government
  • View More
Meet with one of our trained web specialists to formulate a solution that suits the objectives of your organisation. Either make an appointment to see us in our new head office or we can come to you.

Call now for a free consultation on 1800 426 893

Learn More About Adamant Solutions
View Our Portfolio
Contact Us Today


Web Design Melbourne
Web Designers Melbourne
Website Designers Melbourne

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Introducing SiteClick - SEO & Online Marketing for Adelaide!
Adam Lyttle
Published by Adam Lyttle on November 17, 2009


We are pleased to introduce you to SiteClick, the brand new online marketing service offered by Adamant Solutions.

Here's 5 Reasons why we believe you should be just as excited as us about the new SiteClick services --
  1. We get more visitors to your website
  2. We convert more visitors into real sales leads
  3. We provide the tools to turn leads into paying customers
  4. We guarantee your business will generate more sales leads
  5. We don't use high pressure sales techniques
For more information about SiteClick visit the new website at or call us on 1800 426 893 for a free no-obligation consultation.

Visit the SiteClick website
Find out what the SiteClick secret is
See the results for yourself

SEO Adelaide - Online Marketing Adelaide

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